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材料工程  2020, Vol. 48 Issue (4): 1-14    DOI: 10.11868/j.issn.1001-4381.2019.000390
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党阿磊1,2, 方成林1, 赵曌1, 赵廷凯1,2, 李铁虎1,2, 李昊1,2
1. 西北工业大学 材料学院, 西安 710072;
2. 西北工业大学 陕西省石墨烯新型炭材料及应用工程实验室, 西安 710072
Preparation of a new two-dimensional nanomaterial MXene and its application progress in energy storage
DANG A-lei1,2, FANG Cheng-lin1, ZHAO Zhao1, ZHAO Ting-kai1,2, LI Tie-hu1,2, LI Hao1,2
1. School of Materials Science & Engineering, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi'an 710072, China;
2. Shaanxi Engineering Laboratory for Graphene New Carbon Materials and Applications, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi'an 710072, China
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摘要 二维过渡金属碳(氮)化物(MXene)作为一类新型二维纳米材料,自2011年发现以来,由于其优异的物理化学性能得到了广泛研究。MXene除具有传统二维材料的优异性能外,其高的导电性、良好的润滑性及电磁性等特殊性能,已被广泛地应用于能量存储、催化、润滑、电磁屏蔽、传感器、水净化等领域,并取得了一定的效果和进展。本文综述了近年来国内外关于MXene材料的最新研究现状,归纳总结了MXene的结构、性能和制备方法,以及在锂离子电池、超级电容器等领域的相关成果,指出了目前研究存在的短板,并展望了未来的研究方向。
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关键词 二维纳米材料MXene能源存储    
Abstract:As a new type of two-dimensional nanomaterials, MXene has been widely investigated since its discovery at 2011 due to its excellent physical and chemical properties, such as high conductivity, good lubricity, electromagnetism and other special properties. Hence, in addition to the performance of the traditional two-dimensional materials, MXene has been extensively used in the fields of energy storage, catalysis, lubrication, electromagnetic shielding, sensor, water purification and so on,and certain results and progress were achieved. The latest researches of MXene at structure, property and preparation methods, as well as the related achievements in lithium ion battery, supercapacitor and others at our country and overseas in recent years were reviewed in this paper. Moreover, the shortcomings of current research were summarized, and the future research direction were prospected as well.
Key wordstwo-dimensional nanomaterials    MXene    energy storage
收稿日期: 2019-03-21      出版日期: 2020-04-23
中图分类号:  TB34  
通讯作者: 党阿磊(1985-),男,副研究员,博士,研究方向为二维纳米材料的制备、性能和应用研究,联系地址:陕西省西安市碑林区友谊西路127号西北工业大学材料学院(710072),     E-mail:
党阿磊, 方成林, 赵曌, 赵廷凯, 李铁虎, 李昊. 新型二维纳米材料MXene的制备及在储能领域的应用进展[J]. 材料工程, 2020, 48(4): 1-14.
DANG A-lei, FANG Cheng-lin, ZHAO Zhao, ZHAO Ting-kai, LI Tie-hu, LI Hao. Preparation of a new two-dimensional nanomaterial MXene and its application progress in energy storage. Journal of Materials Engineering, 2020, 48(4): 1-14.
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