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材料工程  2017, Vol. 45 Issue (3): 28-34    DOI: 10.11868/j.issn.1001-4381.2015.001011
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胡圣飞, 魏文闵, 刘清亭, 张荣
湖北工业大学 绿色轻工材料湖北省重点实验室, 武汉 430068
Research Progress on Preparation of Graphene by Supercritical Fluid Exfoliation
HU Sheng-fei, WEI Wen-min, LIU Qing-ting, ZHANG Rong
Hubei Provincial Key Laboratory of Green Materials for Light Industry, Hubei University of Technology, Wuhan 430068, China
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摘要 石墨烯作为一种新型二维碳纳米材料,具有极好的物理性质和极大的应用潜力。如何大规模制备高质量、低成本的石墨烯是石墨烯产业化的关键问题。本文综述了石墨烯的制备方法及其优缺点,详细介绍了超临界流体剥离制备石墨烯的原理、研究现状及表征方法。讨论了超声波和芘基聚合物辅助超临界流体剥离制备石墨烯法的特点。超临界流体剥离制备石墨烯法设备简单、条件易达到、产品质量高,为石墨烯的工业化生产提供了新的思路。
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关键词 石墨烯超临界流体制备方法表征    
Abstract:As a new type of two-dimensional carbonaceous material, graphene has excellent physical properties and great application potential. The key problem to realize graphene industrialization is to find a large-scale preparing method of graphene with high quality and low cost. In this paper, the advantages and disadvantages of preparation methods for graphene were first reviewed, and then the mechanism, research status and characterization methods of supercritical fluids exfoliated method were introduced in details. And the features of supercritical fluids exfoliated method with the assistance of ultrasonication and pyrene-polymers were summarized. The advantages of supercritical fluids exfoliated method are simple equipment, processing conditions easy to achieve and products with high quality, and a new way of thinking for the industrial production of graphene is provided.
Key wordsgraphene    supercritical fluid    preparing method    characterization
收稿日期: 2015-08-14      出版日期: 2017-03-22
中图分类号:  O613  
通讯作者: 胡圣飞(1971-),男,教授,博士,主要从事功能高分子复合材料制备与性能研究,联系地址:湖北省武汉市洪山区南李路28号湖北工业大学轻工学部材料学院(430068),     E-mail:
胡圣飞, 魏文闵, 刘清亭, 张荣. 超临界流体剥离制备石墨烯研究进展[J]. 材料工程, 2017, 45(3): 28-34.
HU Sheng-fei, WEI Wen-min, LIU Qing-ting, ZHANG Rong. Research Progress on Preparation of Graphene by Supercritical Fluid Exfoliation. Journal of Materials Engineering, 2017, 45(3): 28-34.
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