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材料工程  2017, Vol. 45 Issue (7): 48-53    DOI: 10.11868/j.issn.1001-4381.2015.001231
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靳磊, 崔向中, 王纯, 周国栋, 姜春竹, 李其连, 杨璟
北京航空制造工程研究所 高能束流加工技术重点实验室, 北京 100024
First Principle Study of Mechanical Properties of Yttrium Silicates
JIN Lei, CUI Xiang-zhong, WANG Chun, ZHOU Guo-dong, JIANG Chun-zhu, LI Qi-lian, YANG Jing
Science and Technology on Power Beam Process Laboratory, Beijing Aeronautical Manufacturing Technology Research Institute, Beijing 100024, China
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摘要 为深入研究Cf/SiC复合材料钇硅酸盐涂层材料Y2SiO5与Y2Si2O7的力学性能,为钇硅酸盐涂层体系的设计提供理论依据,基于第一性原理广义梯度近似,研究钇硅酸盐理想晶体X1-Y2SiO5γ-Y2Si2O7的电子结构、力学性能。结果表明:X1-Y2SiO5γ-Y2Si2O7均为机械稳定结构,X1-Y2SiO5γ-Y2Si2O7的体模量、剪切模量、弹性模量、泊松比分别为112,49,128GPa,0.31和114,55,142GPa,0.29。可见X1-Y2SiO5的模量较γ-Y2Si2O7低。同时研究二者理想晶体的韧性、热膨胀系数、残余应力。结果表明:X1-Y2SiO5韧性较γ-Y2Si2O7好,热膨胀系数较γ-Y2Si2O7高,残余应力较γ-Y2Si2O7低。
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关键词 Y2SiO5Y2Si2O7第一性原理力学性能    
Abstract:In order to investigate mechanical properties of Y2SiO5 and Y2Si2O7 yttrium silicates coatings on Cf/SiC composites and design thermal environment barrier coatings, first-principles calculations were performed to investigate electronic and mechanical properties of X1-Y2SiO5 and γ-Y2Si2O7 using gradient generalized approximation (GGA) based on first principles. The results indicate that they are both mechanically stable structures. Bulk, shear modulus, Young's modulus of X1-Y2SiO5 and γ-Y2Si2O7 are 112GPa, 49GPa, 128GPa, 0.31 and 114GPa, 55GPa, 142GPa, 0.29, respectively. These mechanical properties of X1-Y2SiO5 are lower than those of γ-Y2Si2O7. At the same time, toughness, thermal expansion coefficient and residual stress of two ideal crystals were studied. The results show that X1-Y2SiO5 has better ductile properties than γ-Y2Si2O7 and its thermal expansion coefficient is larger than that of γ-Y2Si2O7 and while, the residual stress of Y2SiO5 is lower.
Key wordsY2SiO5    Y2Si2O7    first principle    mechanical property
收稿日期: 2015-10-15      出版日期: 2017-07-21
中图分类号:  TG174.4  
通讯作者: 靳磊(1983-),男,高级工程师,博士,主要从事热喷涂涂层制备及第一原理研究,联系地址:北京航空制造工程研究所104研究室(100024),     E-mail:
靳磊, 崔向中, 王纯, 周国栋, 姜春竹, 李其连, 杨璟. 钇硅酸盐材料力学性能的第一性原理研究[J]. 材料工程, 2017, 45(7): 48-53.
JIN Lei, CUI Xiang-zhong, WANG Chun, ZHOU Guo-dong, JIANG Chun-zhu, LI Qi-lian, YANG Jing. First Principle Study of Mechanical Properties of Yttrium Silicates. Journal of Materials Engineering, 2017, 45(7): 48-53.
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