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材料工程  2018, Vol. 46 Issue (5): 92-98    DOI: 10.11868/j.issn.1001-4381.2016.001373
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罗晓民, 魏梦媛, 曹敏
陕西科技大学 轻工科学与工程学院, 西安 710021
Preparation of Superhydrophobic Cu Mesh with Corrosion Resistance and Applications in Oil-water Separation
LUO Xiao-min, WEI Meng-yuan, CAO Min
College of Bioresources Chemical and Materials Engineering, Shaanxi University of Science and Technology, Xi'an 710021, China
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摘要 针对目前超疏水材料耐腐蚀差的问题,制备一种耐腐蚀的超疏水铜网,并应用于油水混合物的分离。将十八胺修饰的多壁碳纳米管与有机硅改性的水性聚氨酯相结合,喷涂到铜网制备了具有鸟巢状结构的铜基超疏水表面。结果表明,该表面呈现对水高的接触角162°和对油极低接触角0°。另外,可对石油醚/水、四氯化碳/水、甲苯/水、己烷/水、煤油/水等油水混合物高效分离,分离效率均大于93.79%,且具有良好的可循环使用性。耐腐蚀性测试结果表明,该超疏水表面分别在1 mol/L的NaOH,HCl,NaCl溶液中浸泡24h后,仍可保持超疏水特性,具有优异的耐腐蚀性能。
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关键词 超疏水铜网耐腐蚀油水分离碳纳米管水性聚氨酯    
Abstract:In order to solve the existing problem of the poor corrosion resistance of the superhydrophobic materials, a novel type of copper mesh-based superhydrophobic materials with outstanding corrosion resistance was prepared and then was applied to the oil/water separation. The octadecylamine modified multi-walled carbon nanotubes was combined with the aminoethylaminopropyl polydimethylsiloxane(AEAPS) modified WPU and one-step spray method was adopted to prepare the copper mesh-based superhydrophobic surfaces with nest-like structure. The as-prepared mesh shows both superhydrophobic and superoleophilic properties simultaneously with a high water contact of 162° and an oil contact angle of 0°. Thus, they can be used to separate a series of oil/water mixtures, such as kerosene, toluene, tetrachloromethane, petroleum and hexane with separation efficiency above 93.79% and stable recyclability. In addition, the as-prepared mesh can maintain its superhydrophobic property after soaking in corrosive solutions (1mol/L NaOH, HCl, NaCl) for 24h.
Key wordssuperhydrophobic copper mesh    corrosion resistance    oil/water separation    carbon nanotubes    waterborne polyurethane
收稿日期: 2016-11-19      出版日期: 2018-05-16
中图分类号:  TB37  
通讯作者: 罗晓民(1965-),女,教授,硕士,主要从事超细纤维合成革以及水性聚氨酯的研究与应用,联系地址:陕西省西安市未央区陕西科技大学轻工科学与工程学院(710021),     E-mail:
罗晓民, 魏梦媛, 曹敏. 耐腐蚀超疏水铜网的制备及其在油水分离中的应用[J]. 材料工程, 2018, 46(5): 92-98.
LUO Xiao-min, WEI Meng-yuan, CAO Min. Preparation of Superhydrophobic Cu Mesh with Corrosion Resistance and Applications in Oil-water Separation. Journal of Materials Engineering, 2018, 46(5): 92-98.
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