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材料工程  2016, Vol. 44 Issue (2): 8-16    DOI: 10.11868/j.issn.1001-4381.2016.02.002
  材料与工艺 本期目录 | 过刊浏览 | 高级检索 |
王丹军, 申会东, 郭莉, 张洁, 付峰
延安大学 化学与化工学院 陕西省化学反应工程 重点实验室, 陕西 延安 716000
Synthesis of Three-dimensional Mesoporous Bi2WO6 Photocatalyst and Effect of Inorganic Ion on Its Photocatalytic Activity
WANG Dan-jun, SHEN Hui-dong, GUO Li, ZHANG Jie, FU Feng
Key Laboratory of Chemical Reaction Engineering, College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Yan'an University, Yan'an 716000, Shaanxi, China
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摘要 以硝酸铋、钨酸铵为起始原料,采用水热法合成介孔Bi2WO6光催化剂,借助X射线粉末衍射(XRD)、固体紫外-可见吸收光谱(UV-Vis)、电子扫描电镜(FE-SEM)和透射电镜(TEM)对催化剂的物相组成、形貌和光吸收特性进行表征,并推测三维球状介孔Bi2WO6的形成机理;研究溶液pH值和环境水体中常见无机离子对Bi2WO6光催化降解亚甲基蓝的影响。结果表明:在强酸条件下,Bi2WO6表现出更高的光催化活性;环境水体中的无机离子对亚甲基蓝的光催化降解影响显著,阳离子如Fe3+,NH4+以及阴离子如卤素离子对其光催化降解具有很强的促进作用,Cu2+和NO2-几乎无影响,而Fe2+对其则具有明显抑制作用。
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关键词 水热法Bi2WO6光催化活性无机离子    
Abstract:Using bismuth nitrate and ammonium tungstate as raw materials, mesoporous bismuth tungstates(Bi2WO6) were synthesized by a facile hydrothermal process. The phase composition, structure, optical absorption properties and morphology of Bi2WO6 photocatalyst were characterized by XRD, UV-Vis, FE-SEM and TEM, the forming mechanism of three-dimensional spherical mesoporous Bi2WO6 was speculated. The effect of solution's pH value and common inorganic ions in the natural water on the mesoporous Bi2WO6 photocatalytic activity was also studied. The experimental result of methyl-blue(MB) photocatalytic degradation show that the mesoporous Bi2WO6 exhibits better photocatalytic activity in the strong acidic solution. Furthermore, investigation reveals that common inorganic ions have obvious influence on the photocatalytic degradation of methyl-blue. Cation, such as NH4+ and Fe3+, and anion, such as Cl-, Br- and I-, can obviously promote the degradation of methyl-blue. Cu2+ and NO2- have nearly no effect on it. While, Fe2+ can clearly inhibit the degradation of methyl-blue.
Key wordshydrothermal method    Bi2WO6    photocatalytic activity    inorganic ion
收稿日期: 2014-11-15      出版日期: 2016-02-22
中图分类号:  O614.41  
通讯作者: 王丹军(1976-),男,博士,副教授,主要从事半导体催化材料的制备与性能研究,联系地址:陕西省延安市宝塔区圣地路580号延安大学化学与化工学院(716000),     E-mail:
王丹军, 申会东, 郭莉, 张洁, 付峰. 三维介孔Bi2WO6光催化剂的制备及无机离子对其光催化活性的影响[J]. 材料工程, 2016, 44(2): 8-16.
WANG Dan-jun, SHEN Hui-dong, GUO Li, ZHANG Jie, FU Feng. Synthesis of Three-dimensional Mesoporous Bi2WO6 Photocatalyst and Effect of Inorganic Ion on Its Photocatalytic Activity. Journal of Materials Engineering, 2016, 44(2): 8-16.
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