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材料工程  2020, Vol. 48 Issue (6): 73-81    DOI: 10.11868/j.issn.1001-4381.2018.000632
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王霞, 王辉, 侯丽, 蒋欢, 周雯洁
西南石油大学 材料科学与工程学院, 成都 610500
Research progress in superhydrophobic anticorrosion coatings
WANG Xia, WANG Hui, HOU Li, JIANG Huan, ZHOU Wen-jie
School of Materials Science and Engineering, Southwest Petroleum University, Chengdu 610500, China
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摘要 材料腐蚀给社会带来了严重的经济及安全问题,超疏水涂层因其表面的特殊结构在防腐蚀方面有着巨大的潜在价值。本文综述了几种超疏水理论模型的建立和发展,分析了超疏水涂层应用于防腐蚀方面的理论依据及存在的问题,并对水热法、溶胶凝胶法、刻蚀法等几种常用的超疏水涂层制备的方法进行了总结。超疏水涂层大规模应用于腐蚀防护领域在理论上还需要深入地研究涂层的腐蚀防护行为,在制备上还需要简化工艺,降低成本,提高涂层力学稳定性以及水滴在涂层表面状态的可控转变。
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关键词 涂层超疏水防腐蚀理论发展制备方法    
Abstract:The corrosion of materials brings serious economic and safety problems to the society. Superhydrophobic coatings have great potential for anti-corrosion due to the special structure of the surface. In this paper, the establishment and development of several superhydrophobic theoretical models were reviewed. The theoretical basis and existing problems of applying superhydrophobic coatings to corrosion protection were analyzed. Several methods, such as hydrothermal method, sol-gel method and etching method, were discussed. The commonly used superhydrophobic coating preparation methods were summarized. In the field of large-scale application and corrosion protection of superhydrophobic coating, it is necessary to study the corrosion protection behavior of the coating in theory, simplify the process, reduce the cost,and improve the mechanical stability of the coating and the controllable transformation of water drop on the surface of the coating.
Key wordscoating    superhydrophobicity    corrosion resistance    theory development    preparation method
收稿日期: 2018-05-30      出版日期: 2020-06-15
中图分类号:  TQ638  
通讯作者: 王霞(1966-),女,教授,博士,主要研究方向为油气田材料防腐与检测,联系地址:四川省成都市新都区西南石油大学材料科学与工程学院(610500),     E-mail:
王霞, 王辉, 侯丽, 蒋欢, 周雯洁. 超疏水防腐蚀涂层的研究进展[J]. 材料工程, 2020, 48(6): 73-81.
WANG Xia, WANG Hui, HOU Li, JIANG Huan, ZHOU Wen-jie. Research progress in superhydrophobic anticorrosion coatings. Journal of Materials Engineering, 2020, 48(6): 73-81.
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