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2222材料工程  2021, Vol. 49 Issue (5): 38-47    DOI: 10.11868/j.issn.1001-4381.2019.000391
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1. 同济大学 材料科学与工程学院, 上海 201804;
2. 上海市金属功能材料开发应用重点实验室, 上海 201804
Auxetic metamaterials and structures
GAO Yu-kui1,2
1. School of Materials Science and Engineering, Tongji University, Shanghai 201804, China;
2. Shanghai Key Laboratory of R&D for Metallic Function Materials, Shanghai 201804, China
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摘要 负泊松比超材料和结构具有优异的抗剪切性能、抗冲击性能、抗断裂性能、吸能隔振、渗透率可变性能、曲面同向性等力学性能,在航空航天、航海、机械自动化、生物医疗、国防军事、纺织工业等领域具有广泛的应用前景。本文从负泊松比超材料和结构的变形机理出发,综述了内凹结构、旋转刚体结构、手性/反手性结构、纤维/节点结构、折纸结构、褶皱结构、弯曲-诱导结构、螺旋纱线结构等物理模型,这些模型具有广泛的适用性,可运用于轻质夹层板、流体输送、纱线等工程应用,有利于改善结构的使用性能。最后,本文对负泊松比超材料和结构未来的挑战和在航空航天、军事等领域的应用进行了展望,指出利用负泊松比逆转了正泊松比对单轴应力引起的体积和面积变化的补偿效应可有效改善发动机叶片、深空天线以及汽车吸能盒等关键构件的抗冲击性能等,以期为负泊松比超材料和结构的推广应用提供参考。
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关键词 负泊松比超材料负泊松比力学性能变形机理应用    
Abstract:Auxetic metamaterials and structures have excellent mechanical properties such as shear resistance, impact resistance, fracture resistance, energy absorption and vibration isolation, permeability variability, synclastic curvature in bending, etc. Auxetic metamaterials have broad application prospects in the fields of aerospace, navigation, mechanical automation, biomedicine, national defense and military and textile industry. Based on the deformation mechanism of auxetic metamaterials and structure, the physical models of re-entrant mechanism, rotating rigid mechanism, chiral/antichiral mechanism, fibril/nodule mechanism, miura-folded mechanism, buckling-induced mechanism, helical auxetic yarn structure were reviewed. These models can be widely applied in various engineering applications such as light laminated plates, fluid transportation and yarn to improve their properties. Finally, prospects to the upcoming challenges and progress trends of auxetic metamaterials and structures are made.It is pointed out that the application of negative Poisson’s ratio effect can help compensate the change of volume and area under the deformation of uniaxial loading. Then the shock resistance of turbine blade, antenna and car suction box can be improved. As a result, this review can provide benefits for the development of auxetic metamaterials.
Key wordsauxetic metamaterials    negative Poisson's ratio    mechanical property    deformation mechanism    application
收稿日期: 2019-04-27      出版日期: 2021-05-21
中图分类号:  TB381  
通讯作者: 高玉魁(1973-),男,教授,博士,研究方向为疲劳断裂与表层改性等,联系地址:上海市杨浦区彰武路100号同济大学彰武路校区材料科学与工程学院(201804),     E-mail:
高玉魁. 负泊松比超材料和结构[J]. 材料工程, 2021, 49(5): 38-47.
GAO Yu-kui. Auxetic metamaterials and structures. Journal of Materials Engineering, 2021, 49(5): 38-47.
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