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材料工程  2020, Vol. 48 Issue (7): 61-71    DOI: 10.11868/j.issn.1001-4381.2020.000100
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杨泽南1, 李赛2, 于俊杰3, 谢强3, 王祯1, 张明达1, 董浩凯2, 张强1, 杨志刚2
1. 中国航发北京航空材料研究院 先进高温结构材料重点实验室, 北京 100095;
2. 清华大学 材料学院 教育部先进材料重点实验室, 北京 100084;
3. 中国航发四川燃气涡轮研究院, 成都 610500
Progress in effect of alloying element partition on thermodynamics and kinetics of pearlite transformation and its austenitization
YANG Ze-nan1, LI Sai2, YU Jun-jie3, XIE Qiang3, WANG Zhen1, ZHANG Ming-da1, DONG Hao-kai2, ZHANG Qiang1, YANG Zhi-gang2
1. Key Laboratory of Science and Technology on Advanced High Temperature Structural Materials, AECC Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials, Beijing 100095, China;
2. Key Laboratory of Advanced Materials(Ministry of Education), School of Materials Science and Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, China;
3. AECC Sichuan Gas Turbine Research Establishment, Chengdu 610500, China
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摘要 珠光体相变及其奥氏体化作为涉及三相、两界面的复杂相变过程,其相变过程和物理本质仍有待探索和研究。本文综述了合金钢中珠光体的相变过程,阐述了间隙型合金元素C和置换型合金元素M在相变过程中的配分行为,并介绍了相场模拟在珠光体相变过程中的应用。基于本课题组前期大量的实验和计算结果,进一步讨论了组织与成分的不均匀性对于珠光体逆奥氏体化相变的影响,由于C与M在扩散系数上存在巨大差异,使得该过程中存在动力学发生显著变化的临界转变温度(PNTT)。在此基础上,本文创新性地提出了一种近共析成分含锰钢的热处理工艺,相比于传统Q&P工艺可极大地提高Mn在残余奥氏体中的富集程度,进而提高奥氏体稳定性,为更加系统深入地调控马氏体/奥氏体双相钢组织提供理论指导。
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关键词 珠光体相变奥氏体化热力学动力学合金元素配分    
Abstract:Pearlite transformation and its re-austenitization process, which involve triple phases and dual phase interfaces, have been considered difficult phase transformation processes. Thus, the mechanism and physical nature of them are waiting to be studied. The partition of carbon and substitutional alloying element M during transformation by integrating the previous results were clarified. Moreover, the application of phase field method in the pearlite transformation was introduced. Based on the large amount of the experimental and calculated results, the influence of the inhomogenous microstructure and composition on the re-austenitization from pearlite were further discussed. Partitional and non-partitional transformed temperature (PNTT), which is due to the large difference of diffusion coefficient between C and M, was further studied. Based on this, a new heat treatment of near-eutectoid Mn-contained steel has been put forward. The segregation of Mn in retained austenite can be significantly improved compared to the traditional Q&P treatment, and then the stability of the retained austenite can be enhanced and the guidance can be provided for controlling the martensite/austenite dual phase microstructure more systematically.
Key wordspearlite transformation    austenitization    thermodynamic    kinetics    alloying element partition
收稿日期: 2020-02-11      出版日期: 2020-07-21
中图分类号:  TG113  
通讯作者: 杨泽南(1990-),男,工程师,博士,主要研究方向为相变热力学与动力学,联系地址:北京市81信箱1分箱(100095),     E-mail:
杨泽南, 李赛, 于俊杰, 谢强, 王祯, 张明达, 董浩凯, 张强, 杨志刚. 合金元素配分对珠光体相变热动力学及其奥氏体化影响的研究进展[J]. 材料工程, 2020, 48(7): 61-71.
YANG Ze-nan, LI Sai, YU Jun-jie, XIE Qiang, WANG Zhen, ZHANG Ming-da, DONG Hao-kai, ZHANG Qiang, YANG Zhi-gang. Progress in effect of alloying element partition on thermodynamics and kinetics of pearlite transformation and its austenitization. Journal of Materials Engineering, 2020, 48(7): 61-71.
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