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2222材料工程  2021, Vol. 49 Issue (2): 32-41    DOI: 10.11868/j.issn.1001-4381.2020.000488
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杜娟, 曹翔宇, 宋海鹏, 魏子明, 李香云, 杨涵清, 杨梓铭, 李伯阳, 李海龙
中国民航大学 中欧航空工程师学院, 天津 300300
Research progress in application of graphene oxide on metal surface and its mechanism
DU Juan, CAO Xiang-yu, SONG Hai-peng, WEI Zi-ming, LI Xiang-yun, YANG Han-qing, YANG Zi-ming, LI Bo-yang, LI Hai-long
Sino-European Institute of Aviation Engineering, Civil Aviation University of China, Tianjin 300300, China
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摘要 氧化石墨烯(GO)由于具有大的比表面积、优异的抗穿透性以及表面分布有大量官能团等特性,已成为防腐、渗透分离、涂层力学性能等领域的研究热点。本文综述了近年来GO应用在金属表面的研究进展,在综合国内外文献基础上,分别阐述了GO在金属表面用于防腐、渗透分离、涂层力学性能等方面的研究进展,并对其机理进行了总结与分析。防腐的作用机理主要为GO的物理屏障作用和具有对电活性介质的化学惰性;渗透分离的作用机理主要为GO的多层孔道结构和官能团的作用;涂层力学性能的作用机理主要为GO与涂层的相容性好及其表面官能团与金属基体可形成化学键。最后指出目前满足绿色环保、成本低廉且适合大规模工业化的GO复合材料制备工艺仍比较缺乏,其涉及的工艺参数、复合相体系设计等方面仍需进一步研究,并提出将其应用到金属防腐、油水分离、涂层力学性能等领域,以解决金属表面耐蚀性、油水渗透分离性能、涂层与金属基体间的黏结力等关键问题。
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关键词 氧化石墨烯防腐渗透分离力学性能    
Abstract:Due to its large specific surface area, excellent penetration resistance and a large number of functional groups distributed on the surface, graphene oxide(GO) has become a research hotspot in the fields of anticorrosion, permeation separation and coating mechanical properties. The research progress of GO application on metal surface in recent years was reviewed. On the basis of domestic and foreign literature, the research progress of GO applied on metal surface for anticorrosion, permeation separation, mechanical properties of coating and other aspects was described, and the mechanism was summarized and analyzed. The anticorrosion mechanism is mainly the physical barrier effect of GO and its chemical inertness to the electroactive medium. The mechanism of osmotic separation is mainly the multi-layer pore structure and functional groups of GO. The main mechanism of mechanical properties of the coating is the good compatibility between GO and coating and the formation of chemical bond between surface functional groups and metal matrix. It was pointed out that there is still a lack of GO composite preparation technology that meets the requirements of environmental protection, low cost and large-scale industrialization, the technological parameters involved, the design of composite phase system and other aspects still need further study. It was also proposed to be applied to metal anticorrosion, oil-water separation and mechanical properties of coating, so as to solve the key problems such as corrosion resistance of metal surface, oil-water permeability and separation performance, bonding force between coating and metal substrate.
Key wordsGO    anticorrosion    permeation separation    mechanical property
收稿日期: 2020-06-01      出版日期: 2021-02-27
中图分类号:  TG146  
通讯作者: 杜娟(1982-),女,讲师,博士,研究方向为航空材料腐蚀与防护,联系地址:天津市东丽区中国民航大学北院中欧航空工程师学院(300300),     E-mail:
杜娟, 曹翔宇, 宋海鹏, 魏子明, 李香云, 杨涵清, 杨梓铭, 李伯阳, 李海龙. 氧化石墨烯在金属表面的应用及其机理研究进展[J]. 材料工程, 2021, 49(2): 32-41.
DU Juan, CAO Xiang-yu, SONG Hai-peng, WEI Zi-ming, LI Xiang-yun, YANG Han-qing, YANG Zi-ming, LI Bo-yang, LI Hai-long. Research progress in application of graphene oxide on metal surface and its mechanism. Journal of Materials Engineering, 2021, 49(2): 32-41.
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