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2222材料工程  2021, Vol. 49 Issue (8): 54-62    DOI: 10.11868/j.issn.1001-4381.2020.000556
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李华鹏, 董旭晟, 孙彬, 周国伟
1. 齐鲁工业大学(山东省科学院) 化学与化工学院, 济南 250353;
2. 齐鲁工业大学(山东省科学院) 山东省高校轻工精细化学品重点实验室, 济南 250353
Research progress on controllable preparation of TiO2/MXene nanocomposites and applications in photocatalysis and electrochemistry
LI Hua-peng, DONG Xu-sheng, SUN Bin, ZHOU Guo-wei
1. School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Qilu University of Technology(Shandong Academy of Sciences), Jinan 250353, China;
2. Key Laboratory of Fine Chemicals in Universities of Shandong, Qilu University of Technology(Shandong Academy of Sciences), Jinan 250353, China
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摘要 TiO2纳米材料因其存在高的光生电子-空穴对复合速率、电子迁移率低、导电性差以及可逆容量低等问题,使其在光催化和电化学等领域的应用受到限制。MXene (Mn+1XnTx)作为一种新型的二维过渡金属碳化物、氮化物或碳氮化物,具有独特的二维层状结构、良好的金属导电性和较高的载流子迁移率等特性,将其引入TiO2纳米材料中构建TiO2/MXene纳米复合材料,利用两者的协同作用可进一步提高光电性能。本文从TiO2纳米材料的角度出发,系统综述了零维、一维和二维TiO2与MXene纳米复合材料的可控制备、结构性能及在光催化和电化学领域应用的最新研究进展,并着重介绍了纳米复合材料的构筑机理及MXene对提高TiO2的光催化和电化学性能的增强机制等,分析了目前TiO2/MXene复合材料的制备及其在光催化和电化学领域应用中存在的不足。此外,从优化制备工艺、提升性能和探索相应的性能增强机制等方面对未来TiO2/MXene复合材料的研究方向进行了展望。
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关键词 TiO2/MXene纳米复合材料TiO2纳米材料MXene光催化电化学    
Abstract:TiO2 nanomaterials have many disadvantages,including high photo-generated electron-hole recombination rate, low electron mobility, poor electrical conductivity and low reversible capacity, which have restricted application in the fields of photocatalysis and electrochemistry. MXene (Mn+1XnTx), a new type of two-dimensional transition metal carbides, nitrides, or carbonitrides, has a unique two-dimensional layer structure, excellent electrical conductivity, and high carrier mobility. By introducing MXene into TiO2 nanomaterials to construct the TiO2/MXene nanocomposites, the synergistic effect of MXene and TiO2 can further improve photocatalysis and electrochemistry properties. From the perspective of TiO2 nanomaterials, the latest research progress on the controllable preparation, structural properties, applications in photocatalysis and electrochemistry of zero-dimensional, one-dimensional, and two-dimensional TiO2 with MXene nanocomposites were reviewed. In particular, the construction mechanism of namocomposites and the enhancement mechanism of photocatalysis and electrochemistry properties of TiO2 by MXene were emphasized. The shortcomings of the existing research on preparation of TiO2/MXene composites and its applications in photocatalysis and electrochemistry were analyzed.Furthermore,the future research directions of TiO2/MXene composites from the aspects of optimizing the preparation process,improving the properties and exploring the property enhancement mechanism were also prospected.
Key wordsTiO2/MXene nanocomposite    TiO2 nanomaterial    MXene    photocatalysis    electrochemistry
收稿日期: 2020-06-17      出版日期: 2021-08-12
中图分类号:  TB33  
通讯作者: 孙彬(1987-),男,讲师,博士,研究方向:低维纳米材料的可控制备及其应用,联系地址:山东省济南市长清区大学路3501号齐鲁工业大学(山东省科学院)(250353),;周国伟(1965-),男,教授,博士,研究方向:纳米材料的可控制备及其应用,联系地址:山东省济南市长清区大学路3501号齐鲁工业大学(山东省科学院)(250353),     E-mail:;
李华鹏, 董旭晟, 孙彬, 周国伟. TiO2/MXene纳米复合材料的可控制备及在光催化和电化学中的应用研究进展[J]. 材料工程, 2021, 49(8): 54-62.
LI Hua-peng, DONG Xu-sheng, SUN Bin, ZHOU Guo-wei. Research progress on controllable preparation of TiO2/MXene nanocomposites and applications in photocatalysis and electrochemistry. Journal of Materials Engineering, 2021, 49(8): 54-62.
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