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2222材料工程  2022, Vol. 50 Issue (6): 107-116    DOI: 10.11868/j.issn.1001-4381.2021.000558
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夏强, 向小倩, 廖小刚, 郑林, 李纲(), 胡学步
重庆理工大学 化学化工学院, 重庆 400054
Preparation of magnetically-separated porous CoFe2O4 and its performance in activating PMS for methylene blue degradation
Qiang XIA, Xiaoqian XIANG, Xiaogang LIAO, Lin ZHENG, Gang LI(), Xuebu HU
College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Chongqing University of Technology, Chongqing 400054, China
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采用草酸盐热解法制得Fe2O3,Co3O4以及CoFe2O4三种过渡金属氧化物多孔材料。借助XRD,SEM,BET,VSM和XPS等测试手段对材料的晶体结构、微观形貌、比表面积、磁学性能以及表面化学状态进行分析。选择典型的阳离子型染料亚甲基蓝(MB)作为降解模型,对三种样品催化活化过一硫酸盐(PMS)降解处理模拟印染废水的性能进行评价。结果表明:三种材料均具有分级微/纳米纤维状多孔结构,CoFe2O4因具有最大的比表面积以及Fe,Co元素间的协同效应比Fe2O3和Co3O4表现出更为优异的催化PMS降解MB溶液的性能。通过单因素实验,确定出CoFe2O4/PMS体系降解500 mL浓度为10 mg·L-1MB溶液的优化条件为:PMS用量3 mL(0.1 mol·L-1),催化剂添加量0.07 g,反应时间50 min。在此条件下,MB的降解去除率为89.77%。考察几种阴离子对CoFe2O4/PMS催化氧化体系的影响,发现Cl-,PO43-,C2O42-的存在均对MB的降解有一定的抑制作用。活性物种猝灭实验和电子顺磁共振(EPR)鉴定结果证实,1O2是CoFe2O4/PMS催化氧化体系中产生的最主要活性物种。循环使用实验结果表明,CoFe2O4具有较好的稳定性,且可磁分离回收特性使其可作为活化PMS降解印染废水的候选催化材料。

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关键词 草酸盐热解法CoFe2O4过一硫酸盐磁分离回收亚甲基蓝    

Three kinds of porous transition metal oxide materials, Fe2O3, Co3O4 and CoFe2O4, were successfully prepared by oxalate-routed pyrolysis method. The crystal structure, morphology, specific surface area, magnetic property and surface chemical state of those materials were characterized by XRD, SEM, BET, VSM and XPS, respectively. The catalytic performance towards PMS activation for degradation of simulated printing and dyeing wastewater were evaluated, taking a typical cationic dye methylene blue(MB) as the degradation model. The results show that all the three materials present hierarchical micro/nano porous fibrous structure, and a much higher PMS activation performance of CoFe2O4 is observed comparing with Fe2O3 and Co3O4 due to its highest specific surface area as well as the concerted catalytic effect between iron and cobalt elements. Through a series of single-factor experiments, the optimal process conditions for MB(10 mg·L-1, 500 mL) degradation in CoFe2O4/PMS system are determined as follows: PMS dosage of 3 mL(0.1 mol·L-1), catalyst dosage of 0.07 g and reaction time of 50 min. Under this reaction condition, MB removal rate of 89.77% can be achieved. Meanwhile, effect of common anions on CoFe2O4/PMS advanced oxidation system is also investigated. It is found that the presence of Cl-, PO43- and C2O42- all exhibit inhibition for MB degradation in different degrees. Besides, quenching experiments and electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) identification results both confirm that 1O2 is the primary active specie in CoFe2O4/PMS advanced oxidation system. Furthermore, the recycling experiments indicate that CoFe2O4 presents a long-term stability. More importantly, CoFe2O4 can be easily separated from liquids after the reaction with an external magnet owing to its good magnetic property. The results demonstrate that CoFe2O4 is a promising catalyst candidate in activating PMS to degrade dyeing wastewater.

Key wordsoxalate-routed pyrolysis method    CoFe2O4    peroxymonosulfate    magnetic separation recovery    methylene blue
收稿日期: 2021-06-15      出版日期: 2022-06-20
中图分类号:  O614.8  
通讯作者: 李纲     E-mail:
作者简介: 李纲(1981—),男,副教授,博士,研究方向为水处理高级氧化技术,联系地址:重庆市巴南区红光大道69号重庆理工大学化学化工学院(400054),E-mail:
夏强, 向小倩, 廖小刚, 郑林, 李纲, 胡学步. 可磁分离回收多孔CoFe2O4的制备及其催化过一硫酸盐降解亚甲基蓝溶液的性能[J]. 材料工程, 2022, 50(6): 107-116.
Qiang XIA, Xiaoqian XIANG, Xiaogang LIAO, Lin ZHENG, Gang LI, Xuebu HU. Preparation of magnetically-separated porous CoFe2O4 and its performance in activating PMS for methylene blue degradation. Journal of Materials Engineering, 2022, 50(6): 107-116.
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Fig.1  样品的XRD谱图
Fig.2  样品的SEM图
(a)Fe2O3; (b)CoFe2O4; (c)Co3O4
Fig.3  样品的N2吸附-脱附(a)和孔径分布(b)曲线
Sample Surface area/
Pore volume/
Average pore size/nm
CoFe2O4 67.99 0.20 11.92
Co3O4 31.87 0.12 15.03
Fe2O3 38.33 0.15 16.10
Table 1  样品的孔结构参数
Fig.4  样品的磁滞回线
Fig.5  不同催化剂/PMS体系下MB溶液的降解效果对比
(a)反应50 min后的降解率; (b)一级反应动力学拟合结果
Fig.6  不同工艺参数下CoFe2O4/PMS体系对MB溶液的降解效果
(a)催化剂添加量; (b)PMS用量; (c)MB溶液初始浓度; (d)不同MB初使浓度下的降解反应动力学曲线
Fig.7  阴离子对MB溶液降解效果的影响
Fig.8  催化剂CoFe2O4处理亚甲基蓝溶液的重复使用性能
(a)降解率; (b)一级反应动力学拟合结果
Fig.9  反应前后CoFe2O4催化剂的XPS分析
(a)全谱; (b)O1s;(c)Fe2p;(d)Co2p
Fig.10  氧化活性中间体的鉴定结果
(a)猝灭实验; (b)·OH & SO4-·EPR谱图; (c)·O2- EPR谱图; (d)1O2 EPR谱图
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