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材料工程  2003, Vol. 0 Issue (8): 40-42,36    
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李冬梅, 陈菁菁, 李晖, 潘峰
清华大学材料系先进材料教育部重点实验室, 北京, 100084
Research on Materials of High Frequency Surface Acoustic Wave and Preparation of its Devices
LI Dong-mei, CHEN Jing-jing, LI Hui, PAN Feng
Laboratory of Advanced Materials, Department of MaterialsScience and Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, China
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摘要 研究了磁控溅射和电子束蒸镀工艺对在LiNbO3基片上沉积铝膜的结构、表面形貌的影响.采用匀胶、曝光和反应离子刻蚀工艺,制备出中心频率在920MHz纵向谐振耦合换能器结构的声表面波滤波器.结果表明,电子束蒸镀的铝膜与LiNbO3单晶间具有较好的结合力,具有适合SAWF器件制备所需的微观结构,在随后的叉指换能器制备过程中表现出良好的加工性能和声传播特性.
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关键词 铝薄膜声表面波材料LiNbO3谐振耦合换能器    
Abstract:The effects of the DC magnetron reactive sputtering technique and the electron beam vapour deposition technique on surface morphology, microstructures of the Al thin films deposited on LiNbO3 substrate were investigated. The 920MHz surface acoustic wave (SAW) filter that use the longitudinally coupled transducers had been fabricated on LiNbO3 substrate using electron beam direct writing and dry etching processes. These results show that electron beam vapour deposition technique can obtain the Al thin films with satisfied properties in the preparation of SAW filters because high binding force between LiNbO3 substrate and Al thin films.
Key wordsAl thin films    SAW filter materials    LiNbO3    longitudinally coupled transducer
     出版日期: 2003-08-20
1:  TN65  
作者简介: 李冬梅(1966- ),女,副教授,博士研究生,主要从事声表面波材料与器件、多层膜微结构与性能等的研究,联系地址:北京市清华大学材料系(100084).
李冬梅, 陈菁菁, 李晖, 潘峰. 高频声表面波材料及器件制备工艺的研究[J]. 材料工程, 2003, 0(8): 40-42,36.
LI Dong-mei, CHEN Jing-jing, LI Hui, PAN Feng. Research on Materials of High Frequency Surface Acoustic Wave and Preparation of its Devices. Journal of Materials Engineering, 2003, 0(8): 40-42,36.
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