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材料工程  2007, Vol. 0 Issue (12): 30-34    
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赵金龙, 邓建新, 宋文龙
山东大学, 机械工程学院, 济南, 250061
Optimization of Substrate Materials and Preparation of MoS2 Coated Tools
ZHAO Jin-long, DENG Jian-xin, SONG Wen-long
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Shandong University, Jinan 250061, China
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摘要 以常见的几种高速钢和硬质合金为基体材料,运用有限元软件分析了基体表面MoS2软涂层的残余热应力。结果表明:高速钢表面涂层的最大残余热应力小于硬质合金表面涂层的残余热应力;涂层与基体之间弹性模量和热膨胀系数等参数及沉积温度的差异是影响涂层残余热应力大小的主要因素。采用中频磁控溅射加离子束辅助沉积工艺制备了两种MoS2软涂层刀具并对其性能进行了测试,分析结果符合有限元计算的结论。
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Abstract:Stresses due to thermal mismatch between coating and substrate developed in MoS2-based coatings when cooled down to room temperature from deposition temperature.A 2D finite element model(FEM) for coating substrate system was established to simulate and analyze thermal mismatch stress.Results show that mismatch of coefficient of thermal expansion and Young’s modulus is significant to thermal stresses,while Poisson’s ratio and thermal conduction coefficient have little influence on them.The effects of deposition temperature on the residual stress were also analyzed.MoS2 coatings composited with Zr were deposited by medium-frequency magnetron sputtering technique on the selected substrates and the properties tested proved the analysis of FEM.
Key wordsMoS2 soft coating    residual thermal stress    medium-frequency magnetron sputtering
收稿日期: 2006-12-25      出版日期: 2007-12-20
中图分类号:  TG174  
作者简介: 赵金龙(1980- ),男,博士研究生,主要从事刀具表面涂层技术及其性能研究,联系地址:山东省济南市经十路73号山东大学(南区)机械工程学院(250061).
赵金龙, 邓建新, 宋文龙. MoS2软涂层刀具的基体材料优选及涂层制备[J]. 材料工程, 2007, 0(12): 30-34.
ZHAO Jin-long, DENG Jian-xin, SONG Wen-long. Optimization of Substrate Materials and Preparation of MoS2 Coated Tools. Journal of Materials Engineering, 2007, 0(12): 30-34.
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