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材料工程  2017, Vol. 45 Issue (3): 17-27    DOI: 10.11868/j.issn.1001-4381.2016.001332
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董慧民, 钱黄海, 程丽君, 苏正涛, 刘嘉, 王文志, 牟维琦
北京航空材料研究院, 北京 100095
Research Progress in Graphene/Rubber Conducting Nanocomposites
DONG Hui-min, QIAN Huang-hai, CHENG Li-jun, SU Zheng-tao, LIU Jia, WANG Wen-zhi, MU Wei-qi
Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials, Beijing 100095, China
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摘要 介绍了石墨烯/橡胶纳米复合材料的导电机理,综述了石墨烯及其衍生物、石墨烯的处理改性、与其他材料共混以及纳米导电复合材料的制备,论述了加工方法、硫化工艺以及温度、压力、频率、介质等因素对石墨烯/橡胶纳米复合材料导电性能的影响,并指出多组分橡胶/石墨烯复合体系及其“双逾渗”行为等都将是未来导电石墨烯/橡胶研究的重点。
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关键词 石墨烯改性物导电橡胶导电机理电性能逾渗阈值    
Abstract:The conductive mechanism of graphene/rubber nanocomposites was introduced.Advances in the synthesis and properties of graphene and its derivatives, modifications of graphene, along with its hybrid fillers, as well as fabrication of related rubber conducting nanocomposites were reviewed.Many factors affecting the electrical properties, such as fabrication method, vulcanization, temperature, pressure, frequency and media etc. were also summarized.It was pointed out that the further research should be focused on multi-component graphene/rubber nanocomposites and its double percolation phenomenon.
Key wordsgraphene    modification    conductive rubber    conductive mechanism    electricity property    percolation threshold
收稿日期: 2016-11-09      出版日期: 2017-03-22
中图分类号:  TB324  
通讯作者: 董慧民(1986-),男,博士,工程师,研究方向:高分子复合材料,联系地址:北京市81信箱70分箱(100095),     E-mail:
董慧民, 钱黄海, 程丽君, 苏正涛, 刘嘉, 王文志, 牟维琦. 石墨烯/橡胶导电纳米复合材料的研究进展[J]. 材料工程, 2017, 45(3): 17-27.
DONG Hui-min, QIAN Huang-hai, CHENG Li-jun, SU Zheng-tao, LIU Jia, WANG Wen-zhi, MU Wei-qi. Research Progress in Graphene/Rubber Conducting Nanocomposites. Journal of Materials Engineering, 2017, 45(3): 17-27.
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