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材料工程  2020, Vol. 48 Issue (7): 36-44    DOI: 10.11868/j.issn.1001-4381.2019.000918
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李娜1,2, 张儒静1,2, 甄真1,2, 许振华1,2, 何利民1,2
1. 中国航发北京航空材料研究院, 北京 100095;
2. 北京石墨烯技术研究院有限公司, 北京 100094
Research progress in controllable synthesis of graphene by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition
LI Na1,2, ZHANG Ru-jing1,2, ZHEN Zhen1,2, XU Zhen-hua1,2, HE Li-min1,2
1. AECC Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials, Beijing 100095, China;
2. Beijing Institute of Graphene Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing 100094, China
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摘要 石墨烯具有超薄的结构、优异的光学和电学等性能,在晶体管、太阳能电池、超级电容器和传感器等领域具有极大的应用潜能。为更好地发展实际应用,高质量石墨烯的可控制备研究尤为重要。等离子体增强化学气相沉积(PECVD)技术具有低温和原位生长的优势,成为未来石墨烯制备方面较具潜力的发展方向之一。本文综述了PECVD技术制备石墨烯的发展,重点讨论了PECVD过程中等离子体能量、生长温度、生长基底和生长压力对石墨烯形核及生长的作用,概述了PECVD制备石墨烯的形核及聚结机制、刻蚀和边缘生长竞争两种不同机制,并指出PECVD技术制备石墨烯面临的挑战及发展。在未来的研究中,需突破对石墨烯形核及生长的控制,实现低温原位的大尺寸、高质量石墨烯薄膜的可控制备,为PECVD基石墨烯器件在电子等领域的应用奠定基础。
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关键词 石墨烯等离子体增强化学气相沉积形核及生长生长机制    
Abstract:Due to its one-atom thickness,excellent optical and electrical properties, graphene has great potential applications in fields of transistors, solar cells, supercapacitors and sensors. For further development of practical applications, controllable synthesis of high-quality graphene is of great importance.Because of its advantage in in-situ growth on various substrates at low temperature, plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition(PECVD) has become one of the most promising strategies for the synthesis of graphene in the future. In this paper, the effect of several key factors on the growth of graphene by PECVD,such as plasma power, temperature, substrates and pressure was summarized. Two growth mechanisms including nucleation and coalescence mechanism and etching and edge growth mechanism were reviewed. Furthermore, the challenges and development of graphene were also discussed. In future work, the controllable preparation of graphene on the nucleation and growth of graphene will be essential to achieve large-area and high-quality graphene by PECVD at low temperature, laying the foundation for the application of graphene synthesized by PECVD in electronics and other fields.
Key wordsgraphene    PECVD    nucleation and growth    growth mechanism
收稿日期: 2019-10-08      出版日期: 2020-07-17
中图分类号:  TQ127.1+1  
通讯作者: 何利民(1967-),男,研究员,博士,研究方向:高温防护涂层,联系地址:北京市81信箱5分箱(100095),     E-mail:
李娜, 张儒静, 甄真, 许振华, 何利民. 等离子体增强化学气相沉积可控制备石墨烯研究进展[J]. 材料工程, 2020, 48(7): 36-44.
LI Na, ZHANG Ru-jing, ZHEN Zhen, XU Zhen-hua, HE Li-min. Research progress in controllable synthesis of graphene by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition. Journal of Materials Engineering, 2020, 48(7): 36-44.
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