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材料工程  2014, Vol. 0 Issue (9): 89-93    DOI: 10.11868/j.issn.1001-4381.2014.09.015
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张植权1, 周邦新1,2, 蔡琳玲1, 王均安1,2, 刘文庆1,2
1. 上海大学 材料研究所, 上海 200072;
2. 上海大学 微结构重点实验室, 上海 200444
Characterization of Atom Segregation at Phase Interfaces in RPV Model Steel by APT
ZHANG Zhi-quan1, ZHOU Bang-xin1,2, CAI Lin-ling1, WANG Jun-an1,2, LIU Wen-qing1,2
1. Institute of Materials, Shanghai University, Shanghai 200072, China;
2. Laboratory for Microstructures, Shanghai University, Shanghai 200444, China
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摘要 提高了Cu含量的核反应堆压力容器(RPV)模拟钢经调质处理(880℃保温0.5h,水淬;660℃保温10h)以及400℃时效1000h后,采用原子探针层析技术(APT)研究了碳化物/α-Fe基体,富Cu相/α-Fe基体以及富Cu相/碳化物界面处溶质或杂质原子的偏聚特征。结果表明:在碳化物/α-Fe基体界面处P原子偏聚最明显;在富Cu相/α-Fe基体界面处Ni原子偏聚最明显,Mn原子也有微弱的偏聚;在富Cu相/碳化物界面处未发现溶质或杂质原子的偏聚现象。不同相界处原子偏聚不仅与界面本身微观结构有关,也与相界附近化学特性有关。
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关键词 核反应堆压力容器模拟钢原子偏聚原子探针层析技术相界面    
Abstract:The specimens of nuclear reactor pressure vessel (RPV) model steel with higher Cu content were firstly austenitized at 880℃ for 0.5h, water quenched, then tempered at 660℃ for 10h, and finally aged at 400℃ for 1000h. The state-of-the-art atom probe tomography (APT) was employed to investigate the segregation of solute or impurity atoms at the interfaces of carbide/α-Fe matrix, Cu-rich phase/α-Fe matrix and Cu-rich phase/carbide, respectively. The results indicate significant segregation of phosphorous at the interface of carbide/α-Fe matrix. Obvious segregation of nickel and weak segregation of manganese can be found at the interface of Cu-rich phase/α-Fe matrix. No solute or impurity atoms segregation is observed at the interface of Cu-rich phase/carbide. Atom segregation at different interfaces depends not only on the microstructure of the interfaces themselves, but also on the chemical environment in the vicinity of the interfaces.
Key wordsnuclear reactor pressure vessel    model steel    atom segregation    atom probe tomography    phase interface
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基金资助:国家重点基础研究发展计划(973计划)项目(2011CB610 503);国家自然科学基金重点资助项目(50931003);上海市重点学科建设资助项目(S30107)
通讯作者: 周邦新(1935- ),男,中国工程院院士,主要从事核材料研究和开发,联系地址:上海市闸北区延长路149号上海大学材料研究所(200072)     E-mail:
张植权, 周邦新, 蔡琳玲, 王均安, 刘文庆. 利用APT研究RPV模拟钢中相界面原子偏聚特征[J]. 材料工程, 2014, 0(9): 89-93.
ZHANG Zhi-quan, ZHOU Bang-xin, CAI Lin-ling, WANG Jun-an, LIU Wen-qing. Characterization of Atom Segregation at Phase Interfaces in RPV Model Steel by APT. Journal of Materials Engineering, 2014, 0(9): 89-93.
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